About EasyLifeHolidays.


EasyLifeHolidays, is a complete products (Holiday Packages) multi-level company, is growing its base in India. EasyLifeHolidays claims to be in the home-based direct selling business.

Members get a 2 nights 3 days and travel package in 3/5 star hotels of their choice, from about 4,000 hotels that the company has a tie-up with. A new member also gets a personal portal, which is primarily a booking website. EasyLifeHolidays has a presence in many countries, among them the Bangkok, Europe, and Singapore.

We’re a company built on the belief that work should be just as rewarding as it is enriching, and that progress is only possible when we’re growing together. Here, you have a voice. Here, you are part of our family.


Our Company

The company is completely legal. Its head office is in India. The technical partner is in the usa (EasyLifeHolidays). The franchiese system has been inserted into every family for global business through this system. Through this, business can be developed in every country.

Financial security is freedom from fears for yourself and your family, the opportunity to afford everything your dream about... Each of us thinks about the future. Everyone wants to build a solid foundation for themeselves and their family. safety and reliability are what we think together with you. We have created a unique program allowing every person to buy holiday package. Millions of our customers appreciate and make use of it.Our biggest mission is to support digital or cashless india.


  • This is a Global Tours and Travels Business. This is not an investment business of any kind, in which all the people are offered holiday packages which you can use for 12 months from the start date. These packages can be used for 1,2,3 times or 3 days 2 nights.

Legal Documents about Company